What a Trip

Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents What a Trip, a travel and lifestyle program for the adventurous travel who like to trek off the beaten path.

What a Trip

Program Overview

For adventurous travelers who enjoy a trek off the beaten path to discover something truly unique and see life from a different point a view, Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents What a Trip — a travel and lifestyle program featuring uncommon locations and rare travel experiences. We journey near and far to immerse into unique cultures and bring you the world’s most intriguing, exotic and eclectic destinations and experiences.


In each episode, we visit a new location and uncover the most distinct aspects of that destination in order to provide a new perspective on adventurous travel.

From pitching a tent in a modest ashram and meditating with a swami, to being served line-caught fish (we caught ourselves) in a butler-staffed private villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to chartering a catamaran and island hopping around the Caribbean, we trek off the beaten path to show you new, exciting and distinctly different experiences.

Whether you have a beer-budget or champagne-taste, adventurous travel is not just about how and where you go – it’s where you stay and what you do when you get there. This travel show will inspire you to boldly voyage the road less traveled and seize those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will make you exclaim, "Wow, What a Trip!"

  • Episode 1: Becoming Yogi | Bahamas
  • Episode 2: Champagne Taste | Maldives
  • Episode 3: Cat Cruise | Caribbean
  • Episode 4: A Pelapa in Yelapa | Mexico

Executive Producer and Host

Kristin Pelletier is an award-winning writer and producer with more than twenty years experience developing original content. As the owner of Blue Truck Media, Inc. (Blue Truck Productions), a production company based in Florida, Kristin is dedicated to a total engagement experience and bringing inspiring television to the airwaves.

In What a Trip, Kristin combines her passion for television, traveling, meeting interesting people, and sharing unique one-of-a-kind experiences into an adventurous travel show that will introduce viewers to the world in a whole new way.

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