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The Mill©
When a natural disaster destroys their dream, two brothers fight to save a Texas town.


After the Civil War, the Donnell brothers return to Missouri only to find their homes and their businesses destroyed in the affects of war. Following a promising lead for a new life in a land of opportunity, they travel to Texas to start anew. Unfortunately, what they find is a desperate fledging town. Too far to turn back the brothers rally their money and inspiration in constructing a dam and gristmill, which quickly becomes the one hope for the entire town’s future. Until, Mother Nature steps in and violently washes away their plans. This heartwarming drama is a story of brotherly love coupled with hard work and determination that proves you can’t keep a good man – or a good Mill down.

An original screenplay by Kristin A. Pelletier

Guerrilla Boy©
The dramatic true story of a child stolen into war and his incredible journey of courage and survival.


After Guerrilla rebels abduct 11-year old Cesar Ruiz and twenty of his classmates to fight in the Civil War, he becomes their one hope for survival and freedom. Based on a true story, Guerrilla Boy is a moving account of a child-soldier caught in the line of fire, his courage, and the brave attempt to lead his childhood friends to safety.

An original screenplay by Guilhem Dupont and Kristin A. Pelletier

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