Sand Dollars

Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents Sand Dollars, an awe-inspiring program spotlighting the fun and philanthropic lifestyles of coastal millionaires.

Sand Dollars

Program Overview

It's Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous with a focus on philanthropy.

Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents Sand Dollars — an awe-inspiring travel and lifestyle program featuring the provoking human-interest stories of some of the world’s most successful business people. We gain unprecedented access to their homes, toys, businesses and charities to reveal the passions that drive their ambitions.


  • Host: On-air talent takes you behind the scenes.
  • Philanthropists: Benevolent business people from around the world.
  • Charities: Our philanthropists’ select non-profit beneficiaries.


In each episode, we shine the spotlight on an outstanding individual (or couple) who has made a measurable mark in business and society. We profile their lives through a highlight of achievements in business and philanthropy, and illuminate of all that the good life affords.

With an eye on raising awareness for charities, while imparting the benefits of hard work and determination, we pay special attention to the non-profit agencies and individuals who are the beneficiaries of our philanthropists’ benevolence. Viewers walk away inspired, entertained and perhaps even a bit more motivated to achieve their own dreams.

Executive Producer

Kristin Pelletier is an award-winning writer and producer with more than twenty years experience developing original content. As the owner of Blue Truck Media, Inc. (Blue Truck Productions), a production company based in Florida, Kristin is dedicated to a total engagement experience and bringing inspiring television to the airwaves.

In Sand Dollars Kristin combines her passion for television, traveling, meeting interesting people, and sharing inspiring human-interest stories into a lifestyle and entertainment program that will give viewers a taste of the good life.

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