Podium Quest

Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents Podium Quest, a one-hour reality show where amateur riders compete for pro sponsorship.

Program Overview

Podium Quest — a nationwide talent search for the next motocross champion.

Thousands of young men across America have one dream in common: To be the next motocross superstar. However, only a select number are able to obtain the financial backing and sponsorships that realistically allows them to pursue that dream and compete for the podium. Sponsorship dollars aside, these young men also need to be in top physical and mental condition to excel in this highly competitive and dangerous sport.

Podium Quest is a one-hour reality program that makes motocross dreams come true by bringing the key racing elements together under one roof for the purpose of grooming amateur riders into pros.

Aspiring motocross athletes are hand-selected and invited to an exclusive motocross camp where they will be trained and conditioned, and then compete to be America’s next motocross champion. The sole rider who makes it to the finale earns a seat on one of America’s top motocross teams and a prize and sponsorship package worth over $100,000.

The all-inclusive camp - where riders will literally live and breathe the sport - is a place where motocross dreams come true and the quest for the podium begins, and getting there will be no easy ride!


  • Contestants: Amateur riders without sponsorships or means to make it to the pros.
    Our hopeful contestants are males (ages 15-21) who have a pure passion and desire to move from amateur to pro in the motocross world. Their main challenge: They don’t have a team or sponsorship. But with a little stroke of luck, and some additional training and mentoring these guys could become world-class champions.
  • Trainers: Industry experts, personal trainers and motocross mentors.
    Two teams each lead by a group of industry experts including personal fitness trainers, motocross mentors, and sponsors who are dedicated to training and developing well-rounded champion riders.
  • Extras: Family members, fans, celebrities, and industry sponsors.
    Motocross is a family and spectator sport and wouldn’t be the same without those doting parents, screaming fans, celebrities and industry sponsors that are intrinsic to the environment.

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