Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents NamaStay, a travel and lifestyle program exploring the world’s most intriguing yoga retreats, ashrams and resorts.


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Program Overview

For the millions of people who practice or have a healthy curiosity about yoga, Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents NamaStay — a travel and lifestyle program exploring the world’s most intriguing yoga retreats, ashrams and resorts.


In each episode, we visit a new location and highlight a unique vacation or retreat experience. During the program we tour the facilities, meet the gurus and teachers, learn about a particular yoga style and philosophy, participate in the practice, share in the culture and recipes of the region, and tour some of the area’s top attractions. Every show is an entertaining look at destination travel packed full of ancient and newfound wisdom about the art of exercise, meditation, and healthy nutrition that is intrinsic in the yoga lifestyle.

Discover the root and origin of yoga in India, learn what it’s like living in an ashram in the Bahamas, try aerial yoga in a Costa Rican rain forest, and cultivate your creative spiritual potential by experiencing Kundulini yoga in Hawaii.

NamaStay travels the globe to bring you the world’s most intriguing, exotic and eclectic yoga retreats and resorts. Come explore and learn more about the unique yogic lifestyle.

  • Episode 1: Yoga in Paradise* | Paradise Island, Nassau
  • Episode 2: The Flying Yogi | Montezuma, Costa Rica
  • Episode 3: O-live Yoga | Athens, Greece
  • Episode 4: Meditation Sea | Alicante, Spain
  • Episode 5: Gong to Brazil | Sao Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Episode 6: I Lava Yoga | Pahoa, Hawaii

*Spec Program Available for Review

Executive Producer and Host

Kristin Pelletier is an award-winning writer and producer with more than twenty years experience developing original content. As the owner of Blue Truck Media, Inc. (Blue Truck Productions), a production company based in Florida, Kristin is dedicated to a total engagement experience and bringing inspiring television to the airwaves.

In NamaStay, Kristin combines her passion for television, travel, exercise and healthy food as she explores the world uncovering the unique vacation gems that cater to those seeking balance of mind, body and soul, while revealing the unique yogic lifestyle, health benefits, and culture.

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