Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents Dinner Club, the creative how-to’s of organizing a home-based gourmet group.

Dinner Club

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Program Overview

Blue Truck Media, Inc. presents Dinner Club — a program for people with a passion for cooking and entertaining. Dinner Club visits home-based gourmet groups from around the world. We introduce these creative culinary cliques and reveal the how-to’s of organizing your own gourmet group, while inspiring the art of entertaining and eating with friends.

Ever hear about how much fun your friends are having in their dinner club? It’s no lie. Gastronomically compatible people do have more fun! Home-based "dinner clubs" or "gourmet groups" have seriously evolved over the years and are becoming evermore popular and wildly creative; bringing an added sense of social excitement to dinner tables across the globe. So, how do you get in on one of these culinary communal mixers or embark on starting your own club? Dinner Club brings all the answers right to your table.

Dinner Club takes you around the world to meet like-minded foodies with a flair for entertaining. In each episode, we introduce you to a new group in order to reveal a variety of dinner club styles ranging from intimate settings for a few couples to large group parties. Each show serves up a plate full of original and creative ideas that will inspire you to start your own gourmet group. You’ll discover great party themes, hear planning and preparation tips, learn delicious new recipes and get ideas on setting beautiful table-scapes. Dinner Club whets your appetite for entertaining with friends.


  • Host: Your party planning gourmet dinner club guide.
  • Dinner Clubbers: Culinary cliques from around the world.
  • Guests: Foodies, chefs and other special appearances.
  • Locations: Cities, homes and restaurants.


  • Episode 1: The Quarterly Club | Dallas, Texas
  • Episode 2: The Alfresco Club | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Episode 3: It’s Always a Trip | Barcelona, Spain
  • Episode 4: Wine and Dine Weekend | Sonoma, California
  • Episode 5: The Theme Dinner | Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Episode 6: A Progressive Gourmet | Madison, Wisconsin

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