About Blue Truck


Our Mission

Blue Truck is dedicated to providing quality, uplifting programming for families by driving inspiring stories into the forefront of the entertainment industry.

We Believe

We believe that quality programming enriches, inspires, and enhances our viewers’ lives, and by planting seeds of encouragement through the media we are contributing to a better tomorrow.


What's in a name?

The name Blue Truck Media, Inc. was inspired from my fondest childhood memories of spending carefree summers with my grandparents. They were inventive storytellers and wholeheartedly encouraged my imagination – often for their own entertainment!

My grandfather was a humble man who drove a rusty old blue truck for the majority of his life, despite the fact that he could afford a new one. I spent many summer days riding in “Old Blue” listening to his tall Texas tales. He had a witty sense of humor and a keen ability to impart wise messages woven within each story.

My grandmother wrote a news column for the local paper, which she referred to as "the gossip column." Instead of reading bedtime stories from a book, she invented them from her own imagination, and inspired me to do the same. With a silly sense of humor, one of her favorite pastimes during summer evenings was for the two of us to make “prank” calls from her rotary dial phone (obviously a time prior to caller i.d.). We would invent harmless jokes and call a few neighbors. Everyone had a good laugh! This bit of tomfoolery and concocting fairytales was the start to my life as a writer and storyteller.

Today, Blue Truck is symbolic for "inspiring storytelling" in both written and visual mediums. Blue Truck Media, Inc. focuses on developing original screenplays, television programming, and books designed to entertain family audiences of all ages. Our production division, Blue Truck Productions helps bring stories to life utilizing the sight, sound and motion of video. Script Prose offers writing services to our outside clients. Let us know how we can assist you in telling your story.

Founder & Executive Producer


Kristin A. Pelletier is an award-winning writer and producer with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising and script-to-air radio and television production.

Ms. Pelletier founded Blue Truck Media, Inc. in 2013 to focus on developing and producing original screenplays, television programming and books for the entertainment sector. A master at visual storytelling, Pelletier’s inventive and artistic style includes integrating inspiring and socially conscience themes and incorporating distinctive interactive and social media components that engage audiences.

Through the company’s production division, Blue Truck Productions, Pelletier serves a diverse group of corporate clients worldwide, helping bring their stories to life using the sight, sound and motion of high definition video.

Prior to founding Blue Truck, Ms. Pelletier was a principal partner at a full-service advertising agency based in Dallas from 1994 to 2012, where she served as creative director in the development of public relations, marketing and media campaigns.

Ms. Pelletier has consulted in the start-up of private business television networks for companies such as Westcott Communications (including The Law Enforcement Television Network) and Medical City Dallas Hospital, where she designed original training, educational and marketing programming that was awarded the coveted bronze statuette in the Classic Telly Awards for five consecutive years (2003-2007). Additionally from 2007, she earned six Telly Awards for her pharmaceutical productions, including a silver honor for the international broadcast television program entitled Partial Compliance: A Hidden Danger in Schizophrenia. To date, she has received ten such awards.

Possessing a keen sense in marketing, sales and production, Pelletier has served on numerous strategic committees to develop and produce pilot programming, and aided in the development of local city television programming for the cities of Highland Village and Carrollton in Texas. She received a Mayoral Proclamation from the City of Carrollton for her documentary on the A. W. Perry Homestead Museum.

Over the span of her career, Ms. Pelletier has written and directed countless original video programs including: broadcast and multi-media productions, live and interactive distance training programs, commercials, educational and industrial videos and documentaries. She is an experienced reporter, actress, on-camera host and voice-over talent. Today, she focuses her creative energies on providing original content to corporations and writing inspiring screenplays, television shows and books.

Blue Crew

Production can be compared to construction. Just like in building a house, the architecture and design of each project is unique in its budget and crew requirements, and you want the finest craftspeople on the job.

The Blue Crew is comprised of the world’s best and most experienced industry talent who treat and manage each project with precision, down to the finest detail. Regardless the scale of the programming vision, we have the resources and the talent to execute the building and design into a master showpiece.


Executive Producer, Program Development

Sharyn Bey is an expert in a variety of visual arts, specializing in creative direction, videography and editing. Drawing from an extensive background in commercial design, fine arts and photography Ms. Bey is a master visual storyteller. An artistic visionary, Sharyn applies her diverse video journalism talents to the the development of original programming for broadcast and corporate productions.


Executive Producer, Program Development

Jennifer Costner is an award-winning writer and producer who specializes in producing and directing live broadcasts and multimedia events. Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio and Television, with a double minor in marketing and journalism from Stephen F. Austin State University.


Executive Producer, Program Development

Silke Jones has been active in the production, public relations and advertising industry for over twenty-five years. She has served as writer, producer, and on-camera talent for a variety of marketing, business, training, and educational programs. Silke is currently focused on script-to-screen development of original programming for content marketing/digital distribution in the health and fitness industry. She is the Founder and Executive Producer of 2nd Act TV, a digital channel dedicated to living life to the fullest after 50.


Project Manager and Writer

Susan McBee has more than 30 years of experience as an award-winning writer, editor and media relations specialist. Her diverse background includes the medical/health care field, higher education and national not-for-profit organizations and associations. Susan’s unique ability to tell compelling stories that explain complex issues, inform, educate — and sometimes provoke a laugh — make her the "go-to" person when you want a top notch writer to tell your story.


Director of Photography and Editor

Rick Brandt has been a professional cinematographer for over 25 years. He specializes in cinematography, video editing, and color grading. Rick has worked on a variety of award-winning productions, including TV spots, music videos, national public television programs, and feature films.


Director of Photography

Tom Corpolongo started in the film industry in the early 90's working in the lighting and grip department of various commercials and music videos for artists including LL Cool J, Marilyn Manson, and Gloria Estefan. Corpolongo has honed his storytelling skills behind the camera as Director of Photography of short form documentary style programming aired on PBS and the Travel Channel, as well as programming on major networks including Discovery, FOX, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, and TLC.


Video Journalist and Reporter

Lisa Pirro has been entertaining since the age of six. With that many years in the business, she has worn many production hats including news reporter, radio personality, voiceover actor, sketch comedian, songwriter and record producer. A seasoned host, entertainer and video journalist, Lisa’s roles often extend behind the camera where she serves as a feature writer, segment producer and editor. A well-rounded and passionate radio and television professional, Lisa brings a unique and fresh perspective to storytelling that transcends traditional media molds from just reporting the facts to truly experiencing the story.


Motion Graphic Artist

Philip "Flipper" Davis is a Motion Graphic Artist and Graphic Designer. His work has earned 3 Emmy Awards, 16 Telly Awards and numerous other awards through his 15+ years of being a Creative/Art Director and senior designer serving major Advertisement agencies, postproduction houses and major TV networks.


Motion Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Scott Nance is a Motion Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over twenty-years experience helping corporate, agency and production clients bring bold and inventive images to the screen. Scott’s work has earned top recognition among numerous industry competitions and he is the recipient of two Telly Awards. Scott’s skill set includes After Effects VFX and Motion Design, 3D animation, Illustration and Web Design.


Creative Artist and Motion Graphics Designer

Sean Goodsell is an award winning creative artist who has designed multidisciplinary work for the past 15 years. As the Art Director for TVGN (TV Guide Network) and freelance graphic artists, Sean worked for a wide range of clients including Lionsgate, CBS, NBC TV Guide Network and GEB America. He is an exceptional 2D/3D designer and animator. He is adept in a variety of design and animation software including After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash, HTML5 and Cinema 4D.


Motion Graphics Designer and Editor

William Downes is a Motion Graphic Artist, Designer and Editor specializing in After Effects, 3D, 2D, Cinema 4D, Web and Print. A consummate professional and creative visionary, William’s original conception work and graphics and compositing skills have earned him five Addy Awards, to date. Over the course of his career, William has made creative contributions to countless brands including the TV Guide Network, Sketchers, Nike, Medical Adworks, Arkeo and others.


The Blue Crew - Ancillary Team

Drawing from an international pool of some the world’s finest industry talent, each shoot is staffed with the best production gurus in the business, according to the requirements of the specific project and location. The ancillary production team includes writers, producers, camera operators, sound and lighting specialists, make-up artists, grips, teleprompter operators, and others as needed. The Blue Crew manages each project with precision, down to the finest detail.